U.S. National Championship Corinthian Entry Deadline is Today — May 16

If you believe your team qualifies for the all-amateur division, you must complete a Corinthian Declaration form: https://usmelges24.com/corinthiandeclaration.

Each Corinthian Declaration Form must include all sailor classifications, World Sailing sailor ID numbers and date of expiration. These must be received by the USM24CA no later than Thursday, May 16, 2019.

Once your entry is received, receipt of your entry will be acknowledged. Once confirmed, you will appear in the Corinthian Division list located at this link:

Entries received after May 16, shall not be eligible for the Corinthian Trophy and will sail in the open division.

If there are any questions, or if further assistance is needed, please contact the U.S. Melges 24 Class Admin via email at communications@usmelges24.com.