In a regatta that had six race different winners, in the seven completed races, finding consistency was difficult as all but one boat also placed last in a race. Southern Yacht Club's, Triple D's of Dwight LeBlanc, was the only team to score two first place finishes, and that proved to be the difference maker. Saturdays 10-15 knot winds were perfect for showing speed and the ability to play the shifts. New Orleans Yacht Club's Glen Touguis on Kryptonite, was have a great first race. And had he finished, he could have won the regatta. But a broken lifeline dropped his crew into the water on the final beat, causing him to retire. That left Dwight with a close lead over Hippy Chic's, Josh Dupree, and Glen. The rest of the fleet were all still very close and in striking distance.

Saturday night proved to be fun with a great band, and some cold Bud Light. Allowing everyone to get their sailing karate demonstrations and stories completed.

Sundays light 5-8 knot wind proved to mix things up in the final two races. Stuck between a front and the filling sea breeze made PRO, Hal Smith's, job fun, as he had to deal with large holes, followed by 15 degree wind shifts. David Hoye, on Rocket Science, and Ryan Glaze on Gringo, both proved to have a handle on the light winds and swapped first and second places in both races. That proved to be the big shake up for everyone except for Dwight's Triple D's. Having won two of the races on Saturday allowed him to win a tie breaker over David. Glen and Ryan tied for 3rd, with the rest of the fleet close behind in points.

Everyone was excited with the venue for next years Nationals Championship. The Staff and RC at Fairhope Yacht club put together an excellent tune up for the coming year. We look forward to hosting you and other events again.

1. USA 735, Triple D's - J Dwight LeBlanc iii; 3-6-4-1-1-7-3-[7] = 18.0
2. USA 65, Rocket Science - David Hoye; 2-2-7-4-7-1-2-[7] = 18.0
3. USA 420, Kryptonite - Glen Tonguis; 8/RET-1-2-2-6-4-4-[8] 19.0
4. USA 62, Gringo - Ryan Glaze; 4-5-3-5-4-2-1-[5] = 19.0
5. USA 30, Hippy Chick - Josh Deupree; 1-3-6-3-5-6-7-[7] = 24.0
6. USA 687, Firewater - George Haynie; 6-4-1-7-3-5-6-[7] = 25.0
7. USA 009, FNG/Eelsnot - Zane Yoder; 5-7-5-6-2-3-5-[7] = 26.0