The 2017 Melges 24 World Championship in Helsinki, Finland completed over last weekend and occupying two out of three places on the podium was none other than Bruce Ayres’ Monsoon in second, and Kevin Welch’s Mikey in third.

Sailing with Ayres was Mike Buckley, George ‘Bear’ Peet, Jeff Reynolds and Jessica Koenig. Jason Rhodes was at the helm of Welch’s Melges 24 with crew members Ross MacDonald, Ian Sloan and Serena Vilage.

A total of six American teams were on hand to experience the roller-coaster of conditions, all finishing within the top 24 out of 60 teams.

John Brown’s Blind Squirrel with Kevin Jewett, Matt Pistay, Jack Brown and Carl Horrocks finished within the top ten.

Seattle’s Michael Goldfarb’s Warcanoe with Morten Henriksen, David Brink and Mark Strube finished out the event in seventeenth, followed by Wes Whitmyer Jr. on SlingSHOT with John Biehl, Jonathan Goldsberry, William Hardesty III, and Salvador Sanchez in twenty-first.

No thanks to devastating and disappointing Day Two gear failure, Travis Weisleder’s Lucky Dog Gill Racing with John Bowden, Dave Hughes, Wilson Stout and Collin Kirby completed the event with a dignified top 20 finish.

2017 Melges 24 World Championship Full Results (After 11 Races, One Discard)

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