Downtown Charleston residents were treated to the sight of a harbor full of colorful sails on Thursday as a postcard-perfect day ushered in yet another year of Sperry Charleston Race Week. Nearly half the 242 boats entered took the day to practice on the water to get ready for the first gun, while the rest of the fleet finished rigging and deck work, with everyone inspecting their boats thoroughly in anticipation of the big blow coming on Friday.

Event Chairman Randy Draftz says that nature smiled on the fleet for Race Week’s 21st birthday. “This is a dream forecast with our strongest group of sponsors, supporters, and competitors ever, and it’s fitting that our birthday present is the same thing that made Charleston such a world famous sailing destination: Great wind.”

Charleston sailmaker and top pro crew John Bowden says the forecast 20-pus-knot northeasterly could make things ‘interesting’ for the entire fleet. “We’ve got a great Melges 24 fleet coming in as the whole country gets ready for the Worlds later this year in Miami, and the weather looks awesome.” Bowden says it looks like some of the most exciting racing in years. “Friday will be full-on and maybe a little easier Saturday and Sunday – we should all get in some great sailing.”

Visit the Official Sperry Charleston Race Week Yachtscoring Website 
Visit the Official Sperry Charleston Race Week Website