Muskegon, MI - After enjoying the warm weather in Miami and Charleston, it's time for some Melges racers to look to the North. Muskegon Yacht Club is hosting its annual Midwest One-Design Spring Championships. With over 22 teams registered and the event still a few months out this event should top 30 boats. Yet another example of the explosive growth of the US Melges 24 Class.

Why would anyone want to make a stop in the far north for this event? Well, the regulars from the Midwest region will tell you that there is usually great wind and flat water. Sometimes it's a little chilly, but many times we luck out and it is sunny and warm. It is like gambling at a Michigan Indian Casino. The Muskegon Yacht Club is a great host, with friendly members, and excellent facilities for docking and launching. As a plus, you can rinse all that salt off your boat you collected down south over the winter with some clean and clear fresh water.

Need to hear more? Here is an excerpt from the 2015 showing:

As usual Muskegon Lake didn't disappoint. Although known for big breeze on the flat water, the first day started a bit slow as boats ghosted out to the race area. The breeze however, built and filled placing a premium on staying in the pressure. Nobody did this better than the birthday boy himself Paul Hulsey and the Hoodlum Racing Team with an impressive 1-2-1-2-1. Happy Birthday Paul! Congrats to the Race Committee and PRO Jon Ledsworth, knowing these boats came out here to race and squeezing 5 quality races out the first day with very tricky conditions. Way to get them off! Mike Dow's Flying Toaster was in second. Steven Boho's The 300, Steve Pirie's Rambunctious and Mike Gozzard's Rush were all tied for third. The fleet was treated that night to a barbecue ribfest compliments of Muskegon Melges 24 sailor Scott Miller. Many would say the best regatta meal they ever had.

Speaking of Scott Miller’s cooking, that could be worth the price of entry all by itself. Many of the class members already know Scott and his team, they have been racing the M24 for years. If you haven’t had the chance to sample one of his barbecues or his tremendous personality, well then, that is just one more reason to make the trip.

If that doesn’t sweeten the pot for you, we can add a trophy on top. The Midwest One Design Championship will be the first stop of the Midwest Region Schedule, in which the boat with the best average score in their top three regattas will be deemed the Midwest M24 Boat of the Year, there will also be awards for those boats new to the class, and under hull number 200.

So, what are you waiting for, sign up now at The US Melges 24 Class is growing, and not just down south, but in the Midwest as well. We invite the entire class to stop in and race with us in Muskegon.

Event Contact: 
Josh Wallace