Are you thinking about going to Miami for the 2016 Melges 24 Worlds but are worried that your older boat won’t be competitive?

  • How often have you taped the cover of your jib sheets hoping to get a few more races out of them? 

  • How often does your spinnaker halyard slip through the cleat leaving you shrimping while the fleet passes you by? 

  • Do you find yourself tightening the same screws race after race?

If any of the above sounds familiar, then we want to PIMP YOUR RIDE!

Now of course we aren’t going to install a pop-up flatscreen with XBOX controls to pop out of the deck. Nor will we replace your corrector weights with 15″ subwoofers and a power amp. But with the help of a great group of supporters in the world’s best one-design class, we are going to PIMP YOUR RIDE!

The organizers for the 2016 Worlds and the IMCA Class President Jens Wathne have come up with a concept to get your older boat tuned up, dialed in, ready to race on the Worlds starting line. And in the process, we’ll show the rest of you older Melges 24 racers how it is done right.

The lucky winner of the Miami Melges 24 Worlds PIMP MY RIDE Contest will have a complete makeover for their boat, with the work done by some of the most skilled folks in the Melges racing world. We’re not talking a few sheet bags, folks – we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars in value for your prized speedster! New sails, electronics, sheets, halyards, standard rigging, lifelines, stanchions, graphics, team gear, and more! As the Donald would say, this is YUUUUUGE.

To qualify you MUST:

  • Own a 500 series Melges 24 or older 

  • Join the OVER 90 HOT TEAMS ALREADY REGISTERED for the December 2016 event and PAY the 2016 Worlds entry fee before January 20, 2016 to qualify. 

  • Agree in writing to let us take your boat with us as it makes the journey into a modernized competitive state by going from vendor to vendor while we film every step of the way. *estimated 4 weeks total 

  • Agree in writing to actually race your boat at Worlds, and if you are unable to race your boat, to allow a qualified and insured skipper and crew to race your boat if requested and provided by the organizer. 

  • Agree in writing to deliver your boat to Worlds a minimum of two days before Worlds. 

  • Agree to media appearances and several interviews during the event. 

  • *additional rules may apply* 

  • We will randomly select 1 winner during 2016 Key West Race Week. We will then send over our team of experts to evaluate your boat, set up a work schedule, and PIMP YOUR RIDE!

We know it can be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest, and boat work may have slid down the priority list, but its never too late to bring a Melges 24 back up to competitive competition. Some of the oldest M24s are still blazing fast today, it just takes some PIMPIN’. We’ll see you at the starting line.


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